2009 Exploring

On Masturbation
Last night I had one experience of I didn’t move anything and the arousal was moving through my body I also saw within this that sex really fucks with you from the perspective of the mind because within this you want to have the Oneness within the other, the one you have sex with. But when you get intimate with yourself you become one with self and that you do not need the other to become one with.

Intimate with yourself! Simple as that

Then sex will not be in any way the generator of the unified field and actually you are fucking with the unified field because I see that when you are masturbating within the oneness and self movement with self you are actually fucking with the systems, as many holes are created in the system.

I do not know this in fact but it popped up

I was also looking for the same silence again I was experiencing the last time, but I see and realize that every moment is a new moment and in this I see how me as mind is fucking with self, always looking within my data base for a memory a same kind of thing instead of always being here in and as the breathe.

SO the masturbation is actually cool, I also noticed that I can masturbate without any stimulation in any way because its all me.

Ok this needs some practise and is not established in fact but I see and realize the way to go so to speak.


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