2009 Fear of Animals

Friday 12 June

Today when smoking a cigarette I saw a bird a dove walking on the roof, I saw the dove and within the moment I realized that I was always very afraid of animals especially animals with not such a pronounced expression which I could relate to as an emotional expression I always found animals ‘cold’. I realized that this perception of what Life is has changed within myself, I always thought that emotions and feelings where Life and that animals just weren’t life as I were. Now in this moment the dove was walking very gentle around I found myself being grateful that I realize and see within myself and others that all I thought that Life was about related to emotions, passion has been invested and that this particular perception has changed.

This perception that of self, this idea of self and Life

I realized that this is actually a major change within my self, the fear of not defining myself through the mind has been a big massive fear.

It’s not that I don’t live it already in absoluteness, but seeing that I have changed made me grateful.

The walking, the standing is still a walking until I stand absolute.

Within this moment with the bird I realized that there is nothing more or less that I can do then stay here within and as the breath, I spoke the words process has changed.


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