2009 HITLERS WRITING-“In this allowed and accepted creation, self-expression became the depths of suppression,

from Hitler / MyKey:

“In this allowed and accepted creation,

self-expression became the depths of suppression,

equality became separation,

sharing became greed,

freedom became control,

oneness became slavery,

life became death,

abundance became survival,

awareness became systematic consciousness,

stability became polarity,

standing became falling,

love became fear,

truth became lies,

here became lost,

individualism became comparison,

mistakes became judgment,

trust became deceit,

joy became sadness,

peace became conflict,

harmony became disturbance,

insight became cleverness,

seeing became blind,

hearing became deaf,

support became destruction,

nurturing became starvation,

health became illness,

clarity became confusion,

relationships became jealousy and

knowledge became God.

This is what happens when many beings in separation, limitation and fear of loss in one freeze-framed moment of existence in one creation try and establish, define, experience and understand who they are. Each one in creation, each one must understand who they are as equality as life as all as one as creation for all to be free.

The key is not to allow separation, is not to allow the fear of loss, is not to allow self-definition according to knowledge only, is not to allow power as who I am as the living word to be given to knowledge without application.

How do we do this ? Simplicity and practicality is the words: In every moment with every breath. In every moment with every breath is how each one as oneness as equality will take responsibility and stand as the living word, infinitely here to not allow the creation of separation and the fear of loss which creates in turn the perception that we are able to lose ourselves, which is impossible as I have proven it to myself already.”

from: http://www.desteni.co.za/Osho/hitler2.htm


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