2009 Participating

July 11, 2009
Ok today

I woke up from an intense dream and then I forgot it the minute I was downstairs.The day was very lazy with the kids, raining outside and watching movies together.

As I was on the phone with M something interesting happened I saw that she was calling me for something but didn’t asked so we talked about her being abandoned by her brother he doesn’t want to meet up with her anymore, whenever they accidental meet its fine. She reacted on it as I don’t know not really knowing how to deal with it. So we finished our call and some minutes later I received a Skype message if it was alright for her to visit me with her boyfriend, her parents do not know about this boyfriend as protected she ahs been raised they do not talk or communicate about boyfriend in any way.

I didn’t really know what to think about it, I saw the following

She called me and talked to me for getting her way visiting me with her boyfriend she manipulated me sweet talked to me and so on, actually she had the whole conversation to get to this point of asking me

I didn’t really react towards this I took everything into consideration while seeing into it and I said No, its your responsibility to tell your parents and I’m not going to support you in your dishonesty by opening up my house for you, I rephrase it so she would understand

I was slightly nervous to say so but she came back to me telling me that she really want to share it with her parents but that she doesn’t dare because of all the scenarios that could happen. So I said, yes that is so but no reason not to tell them thus excuses not accepted.

Just do it.

Which I still find surprising within myself that I’m able to direct myself in common sense

I was surprised!

And then my leg started to burn again.


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