2009 On Abuse

On abuse:

The only way I managed to realize myself from this

was to realize that unless I forgive unconditionally– I will be trapped by revenge — and the want for the being to experience consequence

I do not want that–because then I am trapped


I forgave unconditionally

and stopped myself from entering the loop of consequence

this does not mean the being will not experience consequence

this means I am not trapped as part of the consequence and the karmic cycle can end –as long as I stand to not become part of the cycle again

I thus take responsibility to stop my part within the recreation of the pattern–and in this way–as we stand –we stop the patterns–and eventually–all will stand as unconditional forgiveness–and we will be free from these cycles

I understood that it would not be easy– but common sense dictated that unless I stop– no-one will

thus– in every way–where I may and can stop–I stop and forgive – Bernard Poolman



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