2009 playing

Today when I was listening to music, Zina was suddenly crying when I sat with her and holding her I realized that is was the sound of the piano that she enjoyed. She just didn’t have any words to voice herself. So we were breathing and enjoying the music together, while doing so we were holding each other and I said to her to just hear the music here touching her chest point.

When we’re sitting together I realized how confusing it is for children and how we’ve all been through these experiences that we couldn’t voice that what we’re experienced inside and how much this is influencing the outcome of our life’s.

It’s cool to sit with! The touch of a child is gentle.

Before she’s going to sleep we always have our time together when we just lay next to each other, she’s very naughty and lately she’s imitating Mo’s snoring and then she’s enjoying herself so much and I play along so we snore first her and then me! Big fun!

Whenever we are playing she’s asking me where I’m and then I say here, and then more laughter.

Its cool how unconditionally they are embracing everything and everyone, when we are with family or friends they scream and voice themselves with the high pitch tones they can produce.

Loulou enjoys walking in the wind, when it’s really windy and that’s always the case near the beach she’s sounding herself.

Walking backwards they both like especially when its windy, they can do that for quite a while and I’m enjoying this as well. It gives an immediate break to the habitual patterns of doing things.

Seemingly small unimportant minor things huge impact

She’s also getting things together she wants to bring to the farm and when we were at our place at the beach she said where are the dogs and the horses?

I’m just pointing at her chest and then we go on.

We’re pretty much stabilizing and there is a certainty within me that I’m at the right spot and the right time, I placed myself here in this life to walk and self realize that what I allowed and accepted self to become.


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