2009 ‘seeing’ with and as children


Zina introduced a cool thing, she is seeing so much more then I can possibly imagine

When we were visiting my long time friend with a baby Zina was very curious to interact with the baby. The baby 8 month old was slapping Loulou and puling her hair, Lou was crying and Zina was observing the whole event.

My friend explained that the baby wasn’t doing it deliberately as adults always say to children and children do actually don’t really understand these words. I experienced this with the kids

She came to me and said mommy the baby isn’t yet able to stroke Loulou, she just can’t do it YET

Which to me is so cool, because she sees and within this unconditionally embracing it. Not only does she see but also she can place it within her reality and gives me the opportunity to communicate with her about beings that are not able to do, see or interact with her as she is doing

Its also shooing me that’s she I realizing a difference without the capacity to place it or to submit to helplessness which I experience with children a lot when they’re not able to place it within their reality

I observe whenever Lou and she are playing that she is becoming very directive towards her and also noticing the difference between deliberate and not being able yet to do so which is a cool thing to observe.

5t also shows me unconditional embracing the ‘limitations’ of another being which is not the same as submitting to it when observing Zina within this I see that she’s stable within her expression she sees, she embrace and then she moves on again. Simple

As I see, I become irritated as Mykey so very cool explained in his book where clarity becomes confusion etc. this is what happens when mammy beings believe that this is who they are

It really doesn’t have to be this way

The thing that Zina is showing me is unconditionally when you see it within her its really magnificence! Never saw this before

Not submitting is not submitting to the mind in any way but to just simply stop to see what comes up as mind and to apply sf when necessary and breath through past patterns to become a child again

And we have so much fun!

Then the fun can begin but only when we’re done we all have to become children again.

When we were buying groceries she asked me why the person next to me had his arm in bandages, I explained to her that he had a bone broken.

We ‘play’ every day to hear our hearts and feel our bones and our muscles, and to look at our veins in our body were the blood is running through, she’s very interested in this after the scissor event that took place at the farm.

So she said to me your wrist has been broken to mom pointing at my left wrist, which I have been broken when I was a child I said yep that correct. Did you see it and she said yes.

When I brought the children to sleep I became a little irritated and took a moment to stabilize, Zina said to me come over here I will kiss you Ok?

Lou didn’t want to sleep in her bed and I was already seeing why she needs another blanket to feel comfortable. I was irritated that I ignored this because I was already seeing that the day before

After a while she was sleeping

Zina said to me “we will buy a blanket for her ok so she can sleep ok?”

To me it’s so normal that she is so aware.

Yes I said that’s what we ill do as I already saw that point, zina as well

When reading a book with her which we always do before she’s going to sleep she asked me your not mad mommy? And I said what do you think Zina and she started laughing and said NOOOOOOO your not angry!

When reading a book, I always make up stories while reading it its actually about a boy with a scissor she already said several times on the page where there is a black demon kind of creature the one you see in children books she said this is anger wooo sounds she’s making when pointing it out to me and she’s referring to it as the Mr.

When I ask her is it gone, yes cut cut cut

It shows me all of it that she is actually seeing what I’m ‘doing’ when I’m angry or consumed by irritation and take a breath she is not afraid of it or projection it unto her, She sees and she trust me that I will be here again which is cool, when I’m completely consumed she will give me “the hand” and says NO, Stop and then she will say very good mommy!

And I always have to laugh and it stops me immediately in the moment

The kids are extremely stable, singing-dancing being very comfortable within them selves I never experienced them before like this and really I see them for the first time it seems


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