2009 Self trust as a Parent

When being with Zina and Loulou I realize more and more that trust is being established not from the perspective of being the authority figure to them for them as them and as the pillar within the system but as common sense, the thing we have in common, When I walk in common sense they will see that I will always act in the best interest of all. In this we cant fuck with each other and trust real trust can be established between us because we do not have any personal hidden interest to live for.

When  directing them is in the best interest of all we do not have secrets or personal desires or any personal definitions so in this we stand as one&equal  and we wont fuck with each other.

They understand this and see this

Today Zina said to me Mommy you won’t be angry with Lou because she was wearing plasters and then I said did granny told you that? Yes she said

But ok hey here I have to be careful now

So I said to her, ok whatever people say always see for yourself Ok?

See if I’m angry? Ok she replied satisfied with the answer.

Granny has her ways of dealing with all kind of things knowing that I do not agree when she’s wearing plasters for fun, or when she didn’t really hurt herself

Granny will say

Your mom will get angry at you when you wear them without bleeding

Not directing it in common sense, so Zina is asking me why I didnt get angry while granny has told her so

When being with ZIna now that she’s getting older, I see that the more aware I get, become the more I’m able to communicate with her and be with her

To see her

To hear her


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