2009 Two Little Holes

Before we went there I said ok ZIna, Loulou! Lou will get a little shot in her arm and then Zina, Lou and me too will jus be Here. Zina laughed and was sounding herself.

Ok so we went, Lou got her shot and it all went very smoothly, Lou was crying Zina was giving her hugs and that was that. We went home, Lou fell asleep processed the information given to her and it went cool I must say.

Zina said later on “mommy they have given Lou two little holes” that’s how she sees the shots.

Zina was not afraid at all and I already said to her, ok Lou will have ‘whoeoe’ in her belly and then it will go straight up towards her head ok? And we’ll be there as well and then we all just breathe simple! Ok?

After the shot I asked Lou if she was angry and she said no I asked her if she was frighten yes she said and was that pointing at her belly, here in your belly and then back up? “Yes” and is it gone now? “Yes”.

The second shot she was refusing her body was reacting towards it


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