2009 Unconscious Mind

Correcting Zina among others, these others were 3 women doing the dishes at the camp ground, and feeling the thoughts of others and reacting on it as they were my thoughts but they aren’t my thoughts it were their thoughts and not mine B explained this in his document ok pain in my index finger = self direction.


Ok what did I hear? I was seeing hearing it started with a creepy feeling that I was being watched and judged

I was hearing, this is not the way you talk to a child let a child be a child

She is a child she doesn’t understand what you are saying

And within this I was judging myself

Doubting myself

Asking myself if these thoughts perhaps are something to take into consideration

Confusion arises

And the women were apparently speaking gossiping about my words towards my child and then when I realized that I was saying I don’t give a fuck, which equals fuck you, which is returning towards a way to handle the situation to cope with it

Within this fake silence within

And this Jozien is how I always dealt with my world within this example this is how I would deal with these seemingly insignificant things and it would have resulted in sugar talk with Zina when being around others and submitting towards these pop up thoughts – The unconsciousness mind

It’s quite hectic when you realize that we’re in this connected, as we are all part of consciousness

I also thought maybe until more stable to say nothing at all, when it happened my voice became very quit and I wanted to be alone

When not sure then better make sure that I’m standing and understand what the fuck is happening.

Today while doing the dishes there was a man and I sensed that he was stressing

Being ‘oversensitive’ can have its benefits I tune in very easily hmmm hmmmm


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