2009 Walking Self Responsibility

I always abdicated myself from taking self responsibility for me and my actions and I didn’t actually wanted to take responsibility for anyone else but me.

I see now that in taking responsibility for the kids and directing my world in which I have some influence I take responsibility for Self and all other Self’s to stop and when I stop, I stand.

Taking responsibility is not a heavy load upon my shoulders’ anymore it becomes me as who I’m actually I cant even see why we ever did it any other way.

I was always afraid that I could be accounted on my words the things I said as I didn’t want to take that responsibility, now I see that when speaking and sounding self as and in common sense there is only one way and when standing in my shoes the other one would have said the same until we are all all one, one voice.

I’m actually see this for the first time as I walk I see that there can only be One way, One road and within this we will stand All of us until its done.

There is no other way and all will see and self realize this in time.

The kids are challenging me to be here, to remain here, to return to here and to walk in common sense.

When being with them communicating with them I see that we are one and equal I said that to them as well, Until they are standing I’m the authority and within this I will build self-trust that I will always walk that One way in the best interest of All.

I realize that we grow in trust I almost never see the fear in Zina’s being she is trusting me and that is the ‘best’ I can see within her.

As I see it now I children can not trust anyone in this world and they’re aware of it in the fullest as all adults youngster here and on the forum and in this world we FORGOT this but we’re been already at the age of 3 years old have been fully aware of this madness we couldn’t voice ourselves but it was there in awareness.

No more this is unacceptable if we can’t birth our children and the children into world that is safe for children we have to make a FULL STOP and say until here and not further this is unacceptable.

We FORGOT how we as the purest expression in this reality saw our parents and the way they deceive themselves, others and there children alike, whom can I trust?

Its disheartening to see this when being with kids, the shame and the disgust is almost to hard to bear and one only wants to cry for the disgrace we brought upon us.

If we who can voice ourselves let our children grow up in a world where all Life is taken into consideration we will build a world where it’s safe to trust ourselves with LIFE.


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