2009 Zina about the Desteni Farm and an Airplane!

Zina is always kissing the car when we return to it, to drive home from the beach to A’dam.

When walking in the woods she said:

“We have to be very quiet because of the rabbits, they’re sleeping, so we make no sounds and we have to walk very quiet. We left some bread for the rabbits as well.

She’s enjoying herself very much in the car; she’s singing and telling me stories.

Today she told me that Fidelis horse is very big and that he has a penis as well – lol

We were watching the planes go by and then she said: “Oh that’s a very small one, and that there were many children on the plane and that they all are watching movies that they’re all going to Africa to see Darryl.

She also called Bella on her phone to tell her that she had to come over to play with her.

She speaks randomly about people @ the farm


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