2009 Blushing

Ok today  I pushed myself to interact with Y  while I’m reluctant to do so, Y asked so what will you gonna do then when you have more time? I blushed I was embarrassed.
Why? nothingness/the master
When?- change
How ? -guilt
Where?- The source

Blushing? Why? Because of all the above things.
When did I blush? When the question came up, the change the shift occurred
How? I felt guilty that I didn’t had an answer ready
Who ‘made’ me blush? me as a program running inside myself that needs to ‘be’ someone in this live. I was fighting with me as life as breathe
Where did I blush in and consciousness as the source through someone else

Ok,- cool!

How to debug this how to decode this?

I feel fear when being with Y
Why – It’s a feeling
When – when Y asks ‘matrix’ questions
Related to aren’t you working, are you a housewife and so on…
How? – I change
Who – me I’m fighting abdicating to systems
Where- when being with Y it’s triggering something within


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