2009 Motherhood MotherMatrix Definitions

Motherhood MotherMatrix Definitions an exercise
Which brings me to:
-Self -nurturing
-Self -gentleness
-Self -love
-Self-holding self unconditionally embracing all of me because I’m all

Looking for support outside – looking for a mother

Mother matrix:
-Holding the child as her

I hereby state by being a mother in this world in this reality I live gentleness, self love, self nurturing in fact as the expression of me here in every moment of breath. I show the little ones through example and in this they will see that they are able of:

-Self nurturing
-Self gentleness
-Self Love
-Self holding self unconditionally embracing all of them because they are All

So that they will never have the ‘urge’ to Look for support ‘outside’ – looking for a ‘mother’, looking for me their mother to represent this point to them be this for them because they will realize that this what they are looking for they’re already in fact here as LIFE.

And in this they will establish self nurturing as self-expression here self-love as self-expression, holding self as self-expression.

Me as mother walking with her children unconditionally holding them all of them here as me.

A mother:
nurtures the child as her
Love the child as her as the self-expression here as her one and equal
Holds the child as her unconditionally
Being gentle with the child as self expression here as her

To live this in fact, as the living expression as whom we are as LIFE one and equal.

We as mothers in this reality, I as a mother in this world/reality have to redefine motherhood. The essence of motherhood being a mother in this reality. Me as a mother will redefine motherhood to its core until I am and all are walking one and equal with the child.

What did I wanted the most from my mother:
I wanted to be heard
I wanted to be seen
I wanted to be one and equal
I wanted to be hold unconditionally as me


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