2009 Ordinary Life

The children always ‘show’ me what it is to be gentle and unconditional with myself to embrace myself unconditionally.

The way children touch is gentle and the way Zina is sitting on my lap very comfortable with her self. Just sitting on my lap which she rarely does.

And the gentleness I see within this and what I also really enjoy about it is the way it always grounds me here. When she asked for a drink we get the drink and I continue sitting with her and she will curl into my lap again. As it’s the most natural thing to do which is really cool.

That’s what I noticed on the farm as well, you can have a real hard time in the kitchen because something has been pointed out to you. And all kind of ordinary life thingy’s just continue, people walking into the kitchen with e.g. a question about the groceries or about the working schedule which is grounding! All equally,  difference in approach yet without any attempt to ‘isolate’ the so-called ‘hard’ times or ‘tough’ times someone is going through which is really cool and grounding!

A cool practical tool to apply while walking with kids.


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