2009 The Mind Consciousness System’s Unconscious-Mind Self-Preservation System Removal

The Mind Consciousness System’s Unconscious-Mind Self-Preservation System Removal – (18/04/2009)

The Mind Consciousness System’s Unconscious-Mind Self-Preservation System has been removed. 

This System was specifically designed to preserve ‘parts’ of the Mind Consciousness System design. 

Such parts of the Mind Consciousness System, was manifestations/designs/systems of the Mind as components of its design that Self has become, become meaning – what self has lived of the Mind to such an extent – that self had become the actual manifestation of such parts of the Mind – manifesting self as the Mind itself through becoming/transforming self into and as such parts as components it exist as. 
So – for the Mind to not ‘lose itself’ – within the becoming of self as the Mind – the Mind preserved the parts of itself that self become/eventually exist as – to remind itself of its own existence. 

This was done through crystallizing the parts self merge/transform self as of the Mind – wherein the crystals contained the blueprint-design of the system-design of the Mind that self had become. 

This crystallization-system existed within the framework of the physical-body as a system-manifestation that was ‘connected’ to the physical – but not manifested within and as the physical itself, as it was not necessary to manifest this system of crystals that crystallize the systems’ blueprints that self had become within and as the physical – because the crystals merely contained the ‘blueprints’ – the actual system itself – is merged as self and infused into and as the physical in the form of a ‘presence’. 

For example – let’s say self ‘believe’ self to be inferior – inferiority a system-part of the Mind – and when self live this belief of inferiority and become the living-expression of inferiority – wherein inferiority becomes the nature of self = the blueprint-design of inferiority as a system-design as part of the Mind – crystallize within the crystallization-system – and the inferiority-system becomes a constant, manifested ‘presence’ as self as which self transformed self to be. 

So, the systems of the Mind that self become – transform into a presence as self that permeate and infiltrate the physical in its entirety – to ensure self remain existent as a presence of the Mind, as the nature of the Mind – then, the systems’ blueprints that are transformed as presence of Mind as self, now manifested in and as the physical – are manifested within crystals to ensure the Mind doesn’t lose itself within its own complexity of all that it exist as and self become = but to maintain control of itself, both within self and the physical within and as which it exist. 

 Within this – it is suggested to assist and support self in observing intently and specifically – within identifying self’s own presence of Mind = what of the Mind, as the Mind self actually live within the belief that it is self = when in fact, it’s self as the Mind, not self Here Equal and One. This is done through seeing traits/behaviours/thoughts/mannerism/living actions/reactions and the nature of such designs – because that nature will reveal what of the Mind self has become and exist as. 

For example: Constantly having thoughts of anger towards others, reacting in anger towards situations, acting within anger within situations/towards others = observe/identify self’s own nature that’ll reveal within how self participate and experience self within one’s world/towards others as self – as for example the nature of anger = wherein the anger itself, that exist/reveal in all of self within thought/word and deed = reveal that self has become the presence of anger of the Mind = and to push/force self to not exist in it/participate in within practical living application.



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