2009 experience



I was standing somewhere in a house were I was watching  a lot op people in another room came walking in and out and they all knew each other, it seemed to be a family meeting. I was standing there with my kids and felt a bit lost and not knowing what to do ok that’s exactly what I experienced these last few weeks. The room was a round shape full with round shape benches. I thought why did they construct the houses and the benches like this?

I was told that they house was much bigger and I felt impressed by the size of the house. I remember that I was looking at all these other people that were greeting the new people who entered the other room.Yep I was observing that what was going on, and I would be introduced to it as well, because I was part of the meet and greet.

Perhaps this shows me the phase I just entered with my kids and how I am re-entering the ‘system’ and feel somehow overpowered by the ‘force’ of it all.

Re-entering all these experiences inside myself towards school

Yep that could be it.

M and I both had a tough time  dealing with it; it has been a milestone so far. He went through specific memories again and so did I. Both related to just being here in a different country then where we originate from we both didn’t speak Dutch and had to learn this first and adjust to being in a new country before being able to go to school.

So the experience of ‘being overwhelmed’ and the inability to ‘handle’ it has been very prominent these last weeks for the both of us.

Zina on the other hand is quit fine and doing ok. I see that she loves to learn new things such as the alphabet; she’s already able to recognize these new symbols and being very proud of it as well.

One thing she’s very clear about she told me that almost everyone in school is running around in their heads-lol

Feelings of being overpowered angered for not being able to direct myself. Feeling helpless because of walking through this with my daughter again.

I breathe through the experiences I have of myself and see what will unfold.


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