2010 I see, I hear, I understand, I know and I am aware of… humans are ROBOTS !

RealMatrixProd — 4 juli 2009 — I see, I hear, I understand, I know and I am aware of human’s systematic pre-programmed consciousness designed existences, realities and worlds. I’d say humans on earth are experiencing, living and becoming hell I am heaven, heaven is where I am, where I am experiencing myself and how I’m experiencing myself. Humans on earth are in hell, oh yes, they are. The systems so magnificently designed this reality to absolute perfection and specificity, the perfect existence where all humans are systems, mind systems, conscious systems, creating abundance and even more so of emotional and feeling energetics of which myself and many other like myself may feed and may drink as we please. I am free. I do whatever I choose. I do whatever I will. I do whatever I want. I have no fear. I feed and drink off fear. I am fear! Each human is so naïve, so gullible, suchpitiful, worthless scum of systems locked into a systematic consciousness created reality with their minds as the projector, stored, inserted and implanted with information, knowledge, pictures, beliefsystems, ideas their entire world is a lie as each humans experience of themselves is a lie. Everything humans experience, everything humans are, everything humans believe in, everything humans see, everything humans taste, everything humans hear, everything humans speak, everything humans think, everything humans feel, everything humans become, everything humans touch, everything humans trust, everything humans love, everything humans support, everything humans do, everything humans assist, everything humans adore, everything humans desire, everything humans want, everything humans need, everything humans fear I may continue infinitely so as example that – all is created, designed and infused on earth in the image and likeness of systems! And who enjoys the creation of emotional and feeling turmoil’s, inner conflicts, relationships and mind chatter created from the design of systems as consciousness which their mind as inserted and implanted beliefs and perceptions of truth of this experience, directed through pipeline structures and constructs through which their emotional and feeling energetics continuously and constantly flow demons! I am as many others the most feared beings in existence, especially demons as myself who intricately, specifically understand, see, know of, experience and are aware of the ways existence and earth are powered and controlled. I am feared by many, by all for one simple reason: I am fear; fear provides for me, fear provides the sustenance and support of my existence.

Humans believe they are the only ones whom exist shame. I experience existence as that of a moving picture a movie which humans watch in cinemas. The world and existence of humans are exactly that of movies. The directors are the White Light and the actors and actresses are the humans on earth and dimensional beings whom channel and communicate with them and through them. The producers are the systems who create the cinematography and provide the layout and allocations of where the movie will take place exactly which naturally had become earth. The script has already been written, the script of each human’s existence on earth is pre-programmed within their mind consciousness system and believed by them to be who they are. Each human is fortunate, I laugh as there’s possibly one thing they are able to be grateful and thankful for is that it wasn’t necessary for them to have to memorise the entire script which is the words, the actions, the behaviours, their entire life and earthly experience actually, as it has all already been pre-programmed within them as them as well as within their world. Instead of having to memorise who they have been pre-programmed to become, they are reminded. Humans on earth who were also once dimensional beings have merely walked into an already prepared second skin, a human body, a vessel. Within and as this vessel as the human body created in the image and likeness of the already pre-programmed script of the part each individual human being will play or act as, have merely infused themselves within and as this knowledge and information created mind consciousness system, through this infusion become the entire script and thus live the script and act the script on earth.

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