2010 From knowledge to corrective application immediate in the moment – NO DELAY

automation to application – learning a new skill

I realize that the ‘layer’ where I am looking at I have suppressed extensively within me. And that’s the bold actuality of the real me – that what I didn’t yet wanted to see into clarity into pulling the point completely through into taking REAL note of the point which I already was seeing. This is unacceptable and must be clarified, how and why, where, when, what. Or immediate go into corrective application I know that I can walk this.

Instead of ‘figuring’ everything out which is delaying in time and given myself a choice in essence thus deception subtle self-manipulation

Its what I see as knowledge but now I need to pull it through to the point of immediately living seeing/knowledge into corrective application.  Delay the time between corrective actions and seeing and make this immediate in the moment here equal and one

What assist as well is to consider equal and one the kids and me in every moment and what is in the moment what serves the greater good that what we us must manifest as such what we walk into creation. That’s what assists me to consider them to take them in as me as the expansion of me and from there speak, act, walk, breath


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