2010 storing bs about s**ual experiences


I realised the enslavement point of storing sexual experiences with a certain person in the past in my memory bank as the ultimate sexual experience. b/c when having sex with another I already saw that this was not so in fact and that I never actually researched this point and further more WTF why?

Why place an experience from the past as the ultimate one? What the fuck is that actually saying? LOL such stupidity

Such limitation

Such lie


Exhausting stupidity, striving for non sense without actually researching this into the nitty gritty of it, sigh –ok lol

Glad that I can let that go – lol

And that’s actually what sex became within me within many striving for that ultimate experience and it will never satisfy anyone. Its the ultimate trap where one cant get no satisfaction ever b/c it hasn’t been designed to let sexual experiences satisfy one in any way it has been designed to mutilate.

so cool – getting real within and as sexual expression


3 thoughts on “2010 storing bs about s**ual experiences

  1. AlexC says:

    cool Jozie

  2. jozienfokkert says:

    Thanks Alex for reading

    to add:
    Its such bs to store any experience as the ultimate experience it will cage you in an illusion deluding oneself instead of remaining here in and as the breath, the only thing that is real is that what is here- that what you can touch

  3. Marlen says:

    Quite interesting to see how our own memories can fuck-up our experience in the moment and can create a point of comparison which is completely delusional in all ways – Any form of past projection limits our experience in the moment, a fuck-up indeed –

    Letting go of that completely is definitely what liberates ourselves in the moment –

    thanks for sharing Joz

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