2010 Letting go within the structure

Letting go steps forth as a self-willed action when one understands where one is participating within. Stops, and then actually walks into the physical correction of oneself. One prepares the way before oneself through extensive self honest introspection. Utilising self-forgiveness,writing and 4 count breathing. Letting go is a physical  action of actually correcting and aligning oneself with what’s best for all in every moment.

The mind tend to trap oneself in a belief that letting go is ‘simple’ from a mind perspective.

Yet is not considering/ willing to walk the action that is required of realigning oneself thus letting go from the structure of consciousness.

Real change takes real labour in space and time. Nothing will re-align to what serves all by itself. Only systems are running automated by itself within the structure of consciousness.

So letting go can then actually be redefined to releasing a point from the structure in space and time through self willed action/labour-e.g. writing,sf.

I see how I framed myself in this construct of “letting go” – and how we use this phrase so often for unclear reasons, like: “chill out, relax, Let it go!” while in essence we see that someone is trapped within repetitive mind frame mostly a loop. And one wants to comfort another by saying “Let it go !” Instead of practically looking at what letting go actually is all about- lol

It’s a physical action prepared through self-willed action one walks step by step.


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