2011 re-alignment/system removal

Ok I realise that one can remove all systems manifestation within oneself yet it actually won’t be of any significance change within this world because if we are not able to do this equally for all and within the world system it will not have any substantial effect nor change anything in any way.

To live this realisation into the required practical application/alignment is to will myself to be actively involved within bringing change into this world.

It took me a while to prepare/re-educate myself as I had to walk my ‘personal’ manifested consequences and the matrixes thereof for being able to face one singular point of fear of loosing what I loved the most and all outflows thereof.

This point was related and intertwined with a network of points that came together so to speak in walking a singular choice which was holding all points within it – lol

Yet this choice was and is an outflow of the accumulating effect of walking self- forgiveness into an absolute standing, expression of Self.

I cant say that I am almost ‘there’ (being ‘there’ would now imply transcending the fear of death in its totality) yet I created a solid platform of self support to walk from – I removed the so called ‘self stability point’ with the principle of what’s best for all is best for me, in the realisation that when I am not here after all veils are lifted I know one thing I haven’t been Here as the Directive of Self nor authentic in the first place.

So to take on the challenge to see proof for yourself if you are real behind the veils of the mind will take time yet all is actually obligated to do so for oneself.

How else can one find out what is real and what’s not?

I have found nothing authentic about me as perceived ideas, beliefs and so on – Nothing stood the test of time nothing remained

What is standing and stepping forth is the physical expression of substance as me here that always has been here now to live this realisation into being as the living expression of me simultaneously with bringing a manifested new political system one that is benefitting all is what I agreed on doing and thus will live into being.

It’s done – let’s walk!


4 thoughts on “2011 re-alignment/system removal

  1. Earth Incorporated says:

    Hi Jozien – Will you expand on the “Self-Stability” Point that you mention Here?

  2. jozienfokkert says:

    Self stability as in perceived stability of self that ‘place’ within the old ways where one always returns to when things get rough so to speak – like a safe house created by and as the mind conscious system.

    while walking this process of self forgiveness this platform cannot serve its purpose anymore and it actually needs to go yet the re-alignment isn’t yet in place/replaced with the principle that what serves all.

    this than can cause the perceptual experience of instability and loosing one ground/loosing one mind – here breathe is the pillar of support to guide you through the conceptual cliffs of the mind – to let go for once and for all and to walk into the ‘unknown’.

  3. Wow, I’m not sure what that all meant but I get some of it.
    Thanks Jozien. I wanted to thank you for sub. to my blog.
    I’m quite new to this process and have not figured out alot
    of technical/practical stuff so slowly she goes.

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