2011 Head suckers

Head suckers

The girls are again infected with head louse, a reality that creates little children dependent on grown ups to get the blood suckers off is kind of disturbing.

So Lou became while getting the head louse off kind of hysterical I start to see what’s going on. She’s then actually totally ‘gone’ so she starts off with crying as a way to manipulate, then she starts to get into the energy of crying b/c of crying. So Zina started to laugh b/c she sees clearly what’s going on and so do I.

When I was holding her she said; -“I cant stop crying mom”, I see that ‘her ways’ always assist her to get it ‘her way’ when she’s not with us yet I have to remind her when she’s with us to remain Here and that she has to stop manipulating – so she knows and sees the difference yet sometimes it seems that she’s really getting confused about ‘there’ and Here.

What a fuck up we have created for our children and also completely unnecessary, time to change to recreate this world, – its only one letter; one breathe,- from there to Here for all to Walk in Equality.


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