2011 Response to Cathy’s blog post: Who Have You Been Or Become In The Name Of Money? Married!

I found within me that I got married because of securing the money point and I wasn’t even aware of it, it took me a while to understand what and how I placed/positioned this point and how securing the money point within my world came about.

It showed me that the ‘way’ that leads to marriage/relationship is wrapped up nicely as experiences and energetic addictions such as desire, love, sex, lust, partnership, companionship, dreams, ideas, perceptions, assumptions, fantasies, projections and what not all meticulously placed to make-up/ to secure the money point.

Through relationships/marriage we eventually fuck ourselves a way into the family construct to produce children as clones for the preservation of the world system and through this we keep the heart=money of the system alive and kicking.

By not seeing nor being aware of its design and why its designed and placed as such makes us easy sheep for the system to survive because we are controlled by our desires and needs to be with that other one instead of being One.

The need/want/desire for sex or wanting to find the right guy/girl Is such a ‘normal’ accepted expression of our ‘nature’ that we don’t even question this very nature yet its something we need to question to find the answers to ourselves! We never allowed ourselves to actually question to investigate the real experience of desire as addiction, because no one wants to give up his or her ‘lolly pop’.

Desire and need for the one to spend your life with will lead you being caught and trapped and enslaved in the total design of this reality!

You must actually think twice before you jurk off or loose yourself in daydreaming about the one, or both activities at the same time – all right?

What a total waste of time!

So time to stop this recycling of the past and get to know one self!

You simple Join us at the Desteni ‘I’ Process. Where we take the ‘I’ on and investigate and study who ‘I’ is in relation to relationships.

“It is the process of the ‘I’ in this world. As Humans we exist as the ‘I’ – the “who am ‘I’”, the “how am ‘I’”, the “why am ‘I’”, the “what am ‘I’”, the “where am ‘I’” – All the questions about the ‘I’ “

So the ‘I’ can meet the ‘I’, eye to eye – and see for oneself what remains of ‘I’, ok! that’s it.


Link to Cathy’s Blog, check it out!!



2 thoughts on “2011 Response to Cathy’s blog post: Who Have You Been Or Become In The Name Of Money? Married!

  1. Hah, love it! I actually did acknowledge this point with my ‘new’ husband before and after we got married ….interestingly enough he said he partly married me for money and security as well. At least we’re honest with this point with each other. Thanks!

  2. jozienfokkert says:

    How I Caught a Rich Hubby by Cerise Poolman Feb 16, ’11 7:24 AM

    Well. How’s this for a quality piece of journalism:

    The local SA family magazine (YOU) has published a story of a woman totally revamping herself, picking an attractive millionaire businessman, and then seducing him.

    She went from being a pharmacy counter saleswoman to “reinventing herself” to appear to be a classy, wealthy socialite. She defaulted her power bill and worked extra shifts to be able to buy designer clothing and take elocution (refining one’s speech habits and accent) classes.
    This woman is the embodiment of materialism and self interest.
    The entire article is a how-to guide for becoming a total whore (not literally) for money.

    I sometimes forget that people really are as shallow as they are on TV and in the movies.

    Vote for an Equal Money System to stop women selling their bodies for a “nice” life.

    Cerise’s blog Check it out:

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