2011 Movie Review: Moon

Clones Waking Up
The Story
Here we are with Sam Bell- working for an electricity company that has found a way to delve electricity on the moon- A guy that’s stationed on the moon and in only two weeks his 3 years contract is about to end. He’s looking for ward to finally return back to Earth back to his wife and child he has been almost gone for 3 years and he is home sick. His days are pretty much spend alone he’s the only one who is stationed on the moon his only company is GERTY an artificially intelligent computer.

So the story starts with him being utterly alone just before one is about to reach the desired dead line off completing/finishing a task, finally able to move on and in movies and mostly in our lives as well this is the ‘perfect’ moment that… yep something is about to happen! So an accidents happens.

Sam wakes up in the infirmary recovering after an accident asking: “Where am I and what happened?” Gerty answers him that he had an accident and that he needs to rest. When Sam is up his feet again he starts investigating how he got in the infirmary in the first place. He goes back to the place of where had the accident with his vehicle, he finds a version of himself in it, a clone. He brings the clone to the infirmary and the clone questions when waking are identical to the one before him: “Where am I and what happened? Gerty confirms that they’re both Sam Bell.

They discover that they’re clones!

Waking up
When they find out what they are, the both of them become quite devastated. Realising that they’re clones with even imprinted memories that are not even theirs is quite a shock. Waking up is not a pretty or nice experience.
The innocence of waking up towards what they are is similar to waking up towards what we have accepted and allowed as ourselves when we initially start walking our processes.

Being home sick is also a point where one is actually longing for safety, security, others, familiar physical contact. Being home sick is such a cool analogy for the desire of belonging to something, being home, being nurtured, being on safe ground and so on.
Here in this movie symbolised by the wife and the daughter, which represent within our society the symbol of stability, the building block of our society:- family.

The video messages that Sam gets is his only way of communicating with ‘Home’ he never has real live connection. The video messages which could be a representation of the mind where the images and dimensions of memory/fantasies/projections wants needs desires are the components that give you a sense of ‘stability’ within ones world/reality and the perception of having a life.

Sam as the man who has left his family to work= earn money. He gives his time=life to the cooperation the Dominus the patriarch within our world/reality. Enduring his status because he knows that he will return back home to the safe haven.

The slow destruction of the first Sam the old clone one could look at as the destruction of the old ways and living into the new way as starting to question and investigated ones reality.

The white lights within the corridors of the basis are the structure which keeps every thing structured in place; where one is able to move freely yet only within the structure everything outside is a no go restricted area.

Darkness and the Night
The moon where its dark is a place where one needs protection were one is not able to freely move oneself. Sam actually never explored his outside environment beyond the restricted areas. He just didn’t questioned these restrictions and why they’re placed. So when the two of them starts exploring one could look at this as looking into the mirror and being faced with self wherein the questions ignites the initial push which becomes the physical action to expand and explore ones reality and ones world.

The images of the earth and the moon represents day and night, the moon where the dark night of the human beings is set to finally bring light to earth as the ultimate haven where we need to unravel the message of what actually has going on in the night darkness of the history of a clone who has woken to bring the mess of this age through going back home, to earth.

The dawn of clones’ aka organic robots
So from being utterly alone facing self and breaking out of the prison to escape, back to earth to tell the world of his story and how the corporation under the disguise of doing good =producing clean energy. Took all dignity of Sam to keep him the clone trapped in a sense of self for one sole purpose only to deliver energy for the Powers that Be.
Sounds familiar – lol

Sam rang his Bell, time to wake up!

Thanks – enjoy the movie!


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