2011 Mothers Children and Health Care


In our world today nearly 11 million children under the age of 5 die in the world every year – well over 1,200 every hour most from easily preventable or treatable causes.

Fucked up and totally unnecessary.

When one of my kids is in pain, injured or ill, I’ll try to make them better, see a doctor, get a perspective so that the kids are able to get the required treatment and its done. I would get extensively stressed when I’m not able to solve it.

All mothers want to do exactly what I am doing, getting help for their children. Millions of mothers are not within that position. Just a simple act of care which is denied to millions of mothers and thus to their children. Medical care is a Basic Human Right, every one should have access to Free Health Care. It shouldn’t be something you have to earn or to fight for, no, it must be Given simply because we’re in this world.

Equal money will root out such allowed atrocities- in the name off free market and capitalism -to exist


2011 Bringing about the MessAge- Self Corrective Writings

Posting my writings onto my blog is what I’m currently push into being.

A resistance a layer that I can clearly see is to postpone bringing a task or activity to an end, to finish what one has started.

Latin ‘Finis’ ‘end’
Ok finish a task or activity, making my writings tangible, to derive it from the ‘skeleton’ my daily writings into a compact comprehensive message in sight of the eye of the public, to publish the message so we can end the mess of this age through the living word. So to walk it is a self willed consistent daily commitment.

Another layer of resistance is to publish my writings because then it becomes public.

The Latin word is ‘Publicare’ – make public.‘I’ very much resist to be in sight of all eyes, some love it, ‘I’ as pattern don’t. That’s why I will ‘I’ to bring about the Message in sight for all eyes so we can for once and for All End the Mess of this Age.

2011 Mercy and Compassion is an act of Giving – Give your Vote to World Equality!

I always believed that somehow I could bypass being responsible for world events such as war, poverty, abuse, famine etc. by simple giving my attention to something else. During my educational years – studying fine arts and exploring the picture presentation of this world -I didn’t got to a clear comprehensive assertive understanding of this world/reality. Despise all the years I’ve spend within the educational system it didn’t allow me to develop and explore understanding of being in this world and through this express responsibility for all as a natural expression that’s intrinsic with being in this world/reality.

It has made me a ‘useful’ member yes, but not amember that takes responsibility for all Equally, – it’s also not what our educational system is aiming for. Educating is being used for god the system to continue and to secure its existence.

Fleeing and escaping into visual ‘beauty’ and ‘esthetics’ deliberately avoiding any political involvement or engagement made me actually  belief  that I was safe yet escaping what is Real doesn’t make the ‘boogie man’ go away. That only exist within fairy tales.

It really doesn’t make sense to perceive that what isn’t ‘in your face’ isn’t part of your responsibility, by not acknowledging our ability to response to our world we don’t even bother to ask ourselves if we hold the power within to establish change for the betterment of all. Running away from the Real Raw Physical reality has never been the solution and it will never be the solution. That’s a law within this reality, you cant jus shovel the Manifested Physical Reality underneath the carpet without unnecessary manifested consequences.

We need to be able to question ourselves from where; what; how; when and from whom we’re actually walking/running away from. This challenge will lead to ourselves again. Answering these questions and living them into alignment with what is best for all will be the foundation for the Principle of Education on how we will teach our children and the children yet to come. For them to be able to live and understand this reality so no harm will ever be done upon Life again.

If you would ask any parent in this world, and I am a parent myself – if its preferable to teach your child to walk away from the world ‘outside’ – because is too ‘hard to bare’, not ‘nice, not how you ‘prefer’ it to be, not what you ‘like’ it to be. Every parent would say NO this is NOT what you want to teach/show your child yet we’re all Demonstrating exactly this construct. Running away from the manifested consequences ‘Out there’! We walk away from what we perceive as ‘Out There’ while in essence what we see as ‘impossible’ to deal with is exactly what we live as ourselves, running away from ourselves until infinity, not facing what we have manifested within our World/ Reality.

How much more suffering do we need to create into manifestation before we had enough? Do we really need to go as far until every single child is killed, raped, molested, mind controlled, when all colored people, women, the disabled, the poor and the list goes on and on until eventually every minority= threat in name of the system to survive will be destroyed. There is no Mercy within the current system. We the people must bring back Compassion to and as the people to give what we want for ourselves.

There is a legal body=Democracy already in place that calls for each single one of us to utilize our individual single votes so we can walk the Power of the Majority into being, to bring about change Equally for ALL. We are the People, the world ‘Out There! We, you and me are the ones that are within the position to bring change! Use your Vote as an act of Giving!

Politics is Here – Democracy is Here You are Here – I am Here!

So what are you waiting for?

I’m one vote for world Equality! Join us! Equal Life foundation – Equal money for All – http://equalmoney.org/

In changing the money system – we change All else

2011 The Power of the majority – from Demons are cracy to Equality for All

During an interview with Nawaal el-Saadawi she was asked the following.

Q:Is the fight for democracy and women’s rights one and the same?

A:Yes they are the same.


A:There is no Democracy without women because women are half the society or more then half the society so how can you have democracy without half the society”

Simplicity! It’s irrational to state that the power of the majority is exercised when half of the people aren’t included.

Real Democracy can’t exist when more then half of the world’s population isn’t included because we let them starve to death. Simple unacceptable!

Equality can not exist without those that we deliberately exclude, those that are starving to death; at the moment more then half of the World’s population. How can Equality exist when we exclude more then half of the World’s people?


You cant its irrational!

So for those that say: “Why should we have World Equality or vote for World Equality in the first place?”– well cut of your pink or your hand or your head and while you at it your legs as well and then ask again.The physical human body is One, Humanity as a whole is One, and the practical application of Oneness is Equality, its really simple!

Give your vote for World Equality

Join us! Equal Life Foundation

Equal money for All http://equalmoney.org/

‘Inspired’ by Nawaal el-Saadawi Human Rights Activist and feminist.

“Writing: such has been my crime ever since I was a small child. To this day writing remains my crime. Now, although I am out of prison, I continue to live inside a prison of another sort, one without steel bars. For the technology of oppression and might without justice has become more advanced, and the fetters imposed on mind and body have become invisible. The most dangerous shackles are the invisible ones, because they deceive people into believing they are free. This delusion is the new prison that people inhabit today, north and south, east and west…We inhabit the age of the technology of false consciousness, the technology of hiding truths behind amiable humanistic slogans that may change from one era to another…Democracy is not just freedom to criticize the government or head of state, or to hold parliamentary elections. True democracy obtains only when the people – women, men, young people, children – have the ability to change the system of industrial capitalism that has oppressed them since the earliest days of slavery: a system based on class division, patriarchy, and military might, a hierarchical system that subjugates people merely because they are born poor, or female, or dark-skinned.”
— Nawal El Saadawi (Memoirs from the Women’s Prison)

2011 Documenting the World’s atrocities in pictures is useless when we don’t act upon it.

Probably we all seen this picture of the Afghan woman that has been molested, her nose and ears have been cut off because she had left her abusive husband. This picture was on one of last year covers of Times Magazine and has shocked the world.This picture is the World Press Photo of the year 2010.

We document the world horrors capture it in pictures reward the oness that do so with prestigious prizes, we compete documents of pictures. Through pictures we show information yet when not acted upon it, it becomes useless knowledge – we can’t say: “ We didn’t know of such cruel and inhumane atrocities going on.” We know! Its documented each single day for each one to see.

We stand aside; sitting on a fence, commenting on such events and eventually become numb. We say to ourselves what can we do? And by this we will ‘sit out our lives’ on a fence discussing into infinity: “What could have been and What would have been” in a perfect world -oh sure, yet it will not change a thing.

How did we end up within indifference and inactive towards cruelties done upon our fellow men?

Let the pictures Will the way to Physically Press ourselves into Physical action that Will Manifest real Change that encompasses All, the pictures as the compass that Will us All to change for the betterment of All.

To end all abuse and inhumanity for Ones and for ALL

Join us:

Equal money for all is the solution for all –http://equalmoney.org

Give your Vote for world Equality so we can for Ones and for All stop All abuse in this world

The picture is taken by South African photographer Bieber

2009 Equal money for all a basic human right!

A conversation I had with my father

The points that we’ve discussed:

We have missed out of equality in all ways and didn’t understand what equality entails at all.

If we look at this world no one can deny that there is a lot of suffering going on, war, starvation, prostitution, human trafficking, animal abuse to name a few. And yet we remain inactive, we justify our numbness by using our religion, or statements, as this is just the way it is and we aren’t able to change anything.


We exclude all that are not willing to follow the same set of rules as we do whether in our culture, or our belief systems. Whether it is within our families or our circle of friends. We are not willing to include all being it’s all depending on the set of rules one is following. This doesn’t make sense when we would take all in consideration we won’t exclude anyone.

It has been written in the bible that we are created in the image and likeness of god, when you take another look at the fact that there is so much suffering in this world god must be a allowing this and therefore must be pure evil and we are made in his image and likeness so we are evil and allowing suffering to exist.

It also has been written in the bible that: “The root of all evil is the greed for money”, so its not money in it self but our greed for it, that what we all have in common what we have become in fact. If you don’t have money you want it and if you have money you want more of it. Money has become our real god, our love for money governs this world. And in this we exclude those who are suffering that are starving to death because we are too greedy to consider each being equally.

Arguing about whose responsible?

We accept and allow it so we all, each one individually are responsible.

Pointing fingers at others, blaming others doesn’t make sense and it will not move your self to establish change. If your room is a mess and you reason about whose to blame or responsible your not getting your room cleaned that’s common sense. You will not go argue about whose to blame if you want to have the room cleaned you will do it yourself.


Another justification to hide behind is that we believe that we can’t change anything by ourselves we are only human, we believe that one person can’t change anything, each one individually is responsible so each one individually must stand up and take self responsibility for their actions. Common sense.

Facing what is here!

We are hoping that one day it will be paradise on earth somewhere in a future without even willing ourselves to face what is here, denying it. We humans are not really capable of facing what is real in front of our eyes.

We numb ourselves down with entertainment; we reward those who entertain us with huge amounts of money and those who are teaching our children we reward with a minimum wage.

That shows us already how we prioritise our need to entertain ourselves above LIFE those who are new in this world and those that are yet to come. We don’t honour them; no we disregard the children by not doing everything possible for all children to have equal opportunity during the time that has been given to them on this earth.

Instead Numbness rules entertainment remaining inactive has become the disease. The good man remain inactive while millions suffer has become the real evil in this world.


Equality is the key to life, if you want a good life for your children and exclude the ones of your neighbour and the ones that are starving to death every 5 seconds, you don’t honour life but you honour your self interest, greed, comfort above all other things.

Equality is the key to a dignified life for all. Without equality we manifest a world as it is today.

Without equality we destroy life, we abuse life, we abuse innocent beings, children, animals, the water we drink, the air we breathe.

We are such fools.

Equal money from birth to death is a basic human right!

Equal money for all is a practical interim solution to establish change so all have an opportunity to a dignified life. Equal money is a basic human right simply because you are in this world, you are here.