2011 Mothers Children and Health Care


In our world today nearly 11 million children under the age of 5 die in the world every year – well over 1,200 every hour most from easily preventable or treatable causes.

Fucked up and totally unnecessary.

When one of my kids is in pain, injured or ill, I’ll try to make them better, see a doctor, get a perspective so that the kids are able to get the required treatment and its done. I would get extensively stressed when I’m not able to solve it.

All mothers want to do exactly what I am doing, getting help for their children. Millions of mothers are not within that position. Just a simple act of care which is denied to millions of mothers and thus to their children. Medical care is a Basic Human Right, every one should have access to Free Health Care. It shouldn’t be something you have to earn or to fight for, no, it must be Given simply because we’re in this world.

Equal money will root out such allowed atrocities- in the name off free market and capitalism -to exist


2011 Documenting the World’s atrocities in pictures is useless when we don’t act upon it.

Probably we all seen this picture of the Afghan woman that has been molested, her nose and ears have been cut off because she had left her abusive husband. This picture was on one of last year covers of Times Magazine and has shocked the world.This picture is the World Press Photo of the year 2010.

We document the world horrors capture it in pictures reward the oness that do so with prestigious prizes, we compete documents of pictures. Through pictures we show information yet when not acted upon it, it becomes useless knowledge – we can’t say: “ We didn’t know of such cruel and inhumane atrocities going on.” We know! Its documented each single day for each one to see.

We stand aside; sitting on a fence, commenting on such events and eventually become numb. We say to ourselves what can we do? And by this we will ‘sit out our lives’ on a fence discussing into infinity: “What could have been and What would have been” in a perfect world -oh sure, yet it will not change a thing.

How did we end up within indifference and inactive towards cruelties done upon our fellow men?

Let the pictures Will the way to Physically Press ourselves into Physical action that Will Manifest real Change that encompasses All, the pictures as the compass that Will us All to change for the betterment of All.

To end all abuse and inhumanity for Ones and for ALL

Join us:

Equal money for all is the solution for all –http://equalmoney.org

Give your Vote for world Equality so we can for Ones and for All stop All abuse in this world

The picture is taken by South African photographer Bieber