2011 Mind Constructs – Walking Self Correction

Mind Constructs – Walking Self- Correction

I see that I’m still having an anxiety about going to sleep knowing and being determined to live what I agreed on living and stick to the decision. I don’t have to go into a personality play out I engage in every evening/night before sleeping. Staying up late doing all kind of things, being all wind up about really nothing. Playing out personality traits of being ‘Naughty’/‘Rebellious’ captivating Self within the play out because One can do so. Ok, I need to laugh! How ridiculous can one be in the way we allow ourselves to exist?

Ok, so

I have been living this automated point for years and I don’t know where I picked this up and whether it’s relevant for now to know the exact point of origin.

I see that I get restless when thinking about sleeping because I remind myself already around the early evening what I determined myself to do – namely go sleep at a certain time and getting up at a certain time without engaging in a Persona to ignite the energy that I create through acting out the Personality and then the outflow thereof. Acting out the Mind Construct, always getting up just a bit too late or oversleep, being hasty as the outflow of an energy addiction and from there enrol into a sequence of predictabilities within this specific Play out of a Mind Construct.

A mind Construct is thus releasing or building anxiety/tension concealed by a play out we call our ‘Daily Routine’ or ‘Our Lives’, or ‘Personalities’ or ‘Our Ways” or this is ‘Me’ or whatever we name it.

It really took me a while to distinguish all points in the totality of the play out of the mind construct and how I was acting it out. While I’m walking the re-alignment, other layers/dimensions open up to integrate into this specific mind construct of waking. I have found that working with mind construct and how it is designed one has the opportunity to walk through multiple layers/dimension of accepted constructs and start understanding a glimpse of how one engage and exist as Mind Constructs. And its is done when its done.

So what I observe within me- through the blank that has been now created by re-aligning specific Mind Constructs – I start experience a perception of a ‘missing’ feeling. I start feeling ‘incomplete’ without this specific energy and thus start projecting and compounding ‘disagreement’ unto other points/manifestations I come across within the same Mind Construct and this ignite so much friction that ‘I’ eventually ‘explode’. So stick to the breath!

S L O W   D O W N

It’s like walking out of an addiction or to be more accurate stopping an addiction and then just stick to the decision in every moment – and thus not replacing one addiction with another addiction.

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2009 Participation


Through participation in this world I have to change, it’s within the participation that I’m able to live the living words in as the physical

It’s within the participation that one must change from consciousness to awareness to become the practical living solution to walk the living words in this I realize that

it’s within participation with others where I am able to amalgamate with all other selves as me

It’s within the participation where one is able to live the corrective application it’s within the participation where the points that have to change become real as the actuality of me

Within the participation with others is where one can direct and correct ONE self immediately  in the moment

Awareness which is not yet lived as me is not valid from the perspective  that it hasn’t been lived yet as me it’s within participation  to become whole

It’s within the participation where I stand, walk, express, move as me one and equal with the participants ,the participation the whole of my being.

It’s within the participation that one is holding back clinging unto past events, knowledge and information..

It’s within the participation that I have to allow myself to be whole with the participants.

It’s within and as being part and being patient to allow myself to become  whole within and as the part that is presented to me

It’s within the part, parted from the whole that I become whole It’s within the participation that I let go of all that I know to hold on to but instead holding it as me, holding  me as the part that has parted to become whole

It’s within the participation that I take the ‘outer part’ of me and bring it home to become whole

It’s within the participation that I don’t part but give back to the whole which is me to let go of partaking of taking, parting

to let go of parting

I don’t take ‘I’ hold the part as me in until All parts are home again Whole again.