2010 structural living of the word Justice


Last night I was once again looking at my sense of justice and how I have became this point, structurally living this point as me would be an accurate description.

So probably this among points also have been accelerating  ‘my ‘down fall when encountering Desteni while realizing that I’m  on the side of the abusers. I’ve been looking at this point before as I know by now that there are multiple-dimensions of a point. While walking this process I expand in understanding.

So to re- align this structural living of self within this specific point is something I have to take note off. Yet I also see that this construct has initially been  a motivator,stimulator to understand the emergency for change.

I see and understand now the polarity play out of this construct loop.I have become the structural living manifestation of this point, its quite a vast point for me.

So in need for re- alignment.

So basically what I now understand is to ‘use’ personality traits first of all to understand and become aware of its construct. And then when this initial faze is ‘done’ to re-align it with the principle of what serves all.

More on this point later