2009 Dreams and Osho Zen Tarot Cards

Friday 17 July

Dream one:
Seeing only guys making swirls in a huge swimming pool, more off a lake and the water was not blue but dark and I was a little bit afraid of making the swirls myself and when I did so I was ‘nothing’ and completely anxiety free.

I was talking to someone as well, pointing out that the guys were making swirls

Me making a swirl into the water – Ripeness
The water – innocence
The guys who made swirls already- No-Thingness
Overall – maturity

Pointing it out telling it to someone- possibilities

Dream two:

Walking into a restaurant with M and the kids walking next to the hip/urban crowd sitting in the front as we were looking for a available table. We sat down next to the lavatory and M was assisting us to sit/settle down as he was about to leave again.

The place, the restaurant . Beyond illusion is how I’m observing the unified field atm
M assisting me to sit down – Breakthrough
It was a spot near the lavatory as I was thinking in the dream ok all the hip/cool ppl are sitting in the front and I’m at this spot at the lavatory ok I will manage – possibilities
Sitting down there with the kids and mo leaving – Transformation
Me and the kids together – harmony
Overall dream- Understanding

That’s what I see that I’m starting to get some understanding how I exist in the Unified Field and how we the kids,M and me are placed within it.
As I see as well, that I still experience myself as the burden within the whole experience being with the kids, but not from the perspective that I experience them as a burden but me together with them and to walk with them through that what is already done, through my pre-programmed live and the only thing I can do is to stand within it.

Walk, Stand, Direct and Embrace.