2009 Participation


Through participation in this world I have to change, it’s within the participation that I’m able to live the living words in as the physical

It’s within the participation that one must change from consciousness to awareness to become the practical living solution to walk the living words in this I realize that

it’s within participation with others where I am able to amalgamate with all other selves as me

It’s within the participation where one is able to live the corrective application it’s within the participation where the points that have to change become real as the actuality of me

Within the participation with others is where one can direct and correct ONE self immediately  in the moment

Awareness which is not yet lived as me is not valid from the perspective  that it hasn’t been lived yet as me it’s within participation  to become whole

It’s within the participation where I stand, walk, express, move as me one and equal with the participants ,the participation the whole of my being.

It’s within the participation that one is holding back clinging unto past events, knowledge and information..

It’s within the participation that I have to allow myself to be whole with the participants.

It’s within and as being part and being patient to allow myself to become  whole within and as the part that is presented to me

It’s within the part, parted from the whole that I become whole It’s within the participation that I let go of all that I know to hold on to but instead holding it as me, holding  me as the part that has parted to become whole

It’s within the participation that I take the ‘outer part’ of me and bring it home to become whole

It’s within the participation that I don’t part but give back to the whole which is me to let go of partaking of taking, parting

to let go of parting

I don’t take ‘I’ hold the part as me in until All parts are home again Whole again.


2009 Dreams and Osho Zen Tarot Cards

Friday 17 July

Dream one:
Seeing only guys making swirls in a huge swimming pool, more off a lake and the water was not blue but dark and I was a little bit afraid of making the swirls myself and when I did so I was ‘nothing’ and completely anxiety free.

I was talking to someone as well, pointing out that the guys were making swirls

Me making a swirl into the water – Ripeness
The water – innocence
The guys who made swirls already- No-Thingness
Overall – maturity

Pointing it out telling it to someone- possibilities

Dream two:

Walking into a restaurant with M and the kids walking next to the hip/urban crowd sitting in the front as we were looking for a available table. We sat down next to the lavatory and M was assisting us to sit/settle down as he was about to leave again.

The place, the restaurant . Beyond illusion is how I’m observing the unified field atm
M assisting me to sit down – Breakthrough
It was a spot near the lavatory as I was thinking in the dream ok all the hip/cool ppl are sitting in the front and I’m at this spot at the lavatory ok I will manage – possibilities
Sitting down there with the kids and mo leaving – Transformation
Me and the kids together – harmony
Overall dream- Understanding

That’s what I see that I’m starting to get some understanding how I exist in the Unified Field and how we the kids,M and me are placed within it.
As I see as well, that I still experience myself as the burden within the whole experience being with the kids, but not from the perspective that I experience them as a burden but me together with them and to walk with them through that what is already done, through my pre-programmed live and the only thing I can do is to stand within it.

Walk, Stand, Direct and Embrace.