2011 Peace and Equal Money

Peace sounds like piece which is part of the whole and thats exactly how we currently live the word peace to ease ourselves from the shame inside being unable to live it into being.

A desire for peace is actually only creating the opposite polarity which is war.
We all Desire peace yet we havent been able to accomplish this in this world! So that actually shows us what? that we failed to establish Peace that we haven’t grasp how to practically get to a point where Peace for All is manifested as such. A desire for peace or anything else for that matter is actually overruling the practical steps to establish the factual physical steps to do so.

Belief and disbelief
So inherent within this desire for peace we actually all are in disbelief that Peace could ever be accomplished by mankind, and rather perceive that this is simply a point we have to accept as such. A belief like this isn’t ‘helping’ either because it’s not establishing the desired outcome either. So there must be something we ‘overlooked’.

In essence we all know what will establish peace, it already has been written in the bible “Do unto others as you would have them do to you” so that’s basically summing it, how to get the desired outcome,- up in a nutshell.

If these words would be applied by all equally – voila we would have peace. Simple!

Equal money is giving all what all wants, what you and I want which is money. Preferable enough of it so we don’t have to worry about paying the rent, bills, basically no worries anymore about money. Isnt that what everyone wants! Yes it is,- so the solution is Here!
Bringing Peace to this World = Giving all Equally what you want yourself which is MONEY- Equal Money for ALL.

Peace and Equal Money

An Interview by Bernard Poolman

Peace and Equal Money. Yes, the Message of Peace is in All Major Religions in the World – has professed by All the Leaders of the World, and there is Obviously a Way with which Peace Can be achieved, and that way is with Equality, With Equal Money. With,..Do unto Your Neighbor what you Want them to Do Unto you, because as long as you have more than the neighbor, there’s going to be no Peace. And then, because you have More, you’re the Cause of no Peace. Therefore those with More has got a greater Responsibility – to Stand and Bring about Heaven on Earth. Maybe you are the weakest amongst us or the Strongest amongst us. Time will Tell, because if you have to be forced to Change, through a Majority Vote, which is the System that you’ve abused, then you’re going to have a little bit of a Problem. So therefore, I suggest, it is important to Realize that if One look at the Message of Peace, that Peace should be Realized on Earth in Every Way. And that the Desire for Peace is Overwhelming and is Possible. It is Practically Possible – by Removing, from the Mind, that which Causes Conflict within the Being. That Which Causes Envy, Jealousy, Rage, Anger, that which Causes the Being to Just themselves as Being unfairly treated.
If Everyone is treated Equally, to the Best that they can be treated, in Every Way, the Instances of Conflict will diminish significantly, to a far, easier, manageable level where One can help those that are Born with Genetic Defects – that cause Inner Conflict – where you have Real Mental Disease. And you don’t have to have a whole World where Everyone is Mentally Retarded and dysfunctional. If you look at the Way the Human Acts, and what you see on Television, about how the Human is Standing up for themselves, You have to wonder, if there will Ever be Peace on Earth. Because all you see is Madness and none of it in any way will bring about a Better World for All. It’s going to Require People that are able to – within them – be at Peace and Understand what Peace truly mean within the Context of Equality. And what Quality each must have to be at Peace – to Bring about the Happiness that Everyone is Pursuing. Once Everybody has got their Happiness that they are Pursuing – we will Begin the Process of Manifesting Peace Physically on Earth. And for that, the System Design for that – Investigate in Practically able to do it – is an Equal Money System. Is an Equal Life System. And therefore, we Implore You to Stop and Do, sit down, sit down with a piece of paper and to start, do some mathematical calculations. Where you write down all the things that you would like to be – to have to be Happy and then to See how you can Give all those things to Everyone Else on Earth. And then, to put all of that Together, and you will come to a fascinating Answer. That what you are looking for is in fact Equality – it is a Way where you can get what you want if you Give to everyone what you would like. Because, in Giving to them, they will have no problem to give to you as well. And therefore everybody is Giving and Forgiving. Forgiving is the Way Forward. Self Forgiving, where One Give One, what you yourself would want. And when you give that, everybody that Receives will make sure that you also will Receive. It is Inevitably. We just Walk and Stand and Produce that and find ways to embrace our magnificent potential. And, as One, We will Create a World that is Equal to Life and then We will Be One and Equal to the Best Lives we can Possibly Have within the Constrains of this Physical Reality. If you do that, and the Day you Die, you have to face your Life – you can, with Pride, say, “I gave it my All and I Lived my All and I lived Abundantly in Every Way and No One Suffered while I was On Earth, as I also Did no Suffer and we made the Best of What we Have, the Talents we Have, We Used them, we Did not Hide them, and we lived a Full Life and we are Grateful.”
And you can See for yourself if there could be any God anywhere, that could find fault with a System where All is Equal and What is Giving is What is Best for All. No Sin is Possible in such a System and No Judgment is Possible in such a System and No God can Ever be Angry in such a System. So whether you believe in God or not become irrelevant because you have appeased God, you have pleased God as you have Pleased your fellow Man as you have pleased the Animals and the Plants and all the Living things on Earth, as you have Pleased the Universe. No matter what it is you hold dear, You have Pleased it, you have acted within the highest regard of that Being, honoring it as an, as the very Version, the very Image that you are, Representing that what you Believe, and in such a way that there will be Peace on Earth forever More.


2009 Equal money for all a basic human right!

A conversation I had with my father

The points that we’ve discussed:

We have missed out of equality in all ways and didn’t understand what equality entails at all.

If we look at this world no one can deny that there is a lot of suffering going on, war, starvation, prostitution, human trafficking, animal abuse to name a few. And yet we remain inactive, we justify our numbness by using our religion, or statements, as this is just the way it is and we aren’t able to change anything.


We exclude all that are not willing to follow the same set of rules as we do whether in our culture, or our belief systems. Whether it is within our families or our circle of friends. We are not willing to include all being it’s all depending on the set of rules one is following. This doesn’t make sense when we would take all in consideration we won’t exclude anyone.

It has been written in the bible that we are created in the image and likeness of god, when you take another look at the fact that there is so much suffering in this world god must be a allowing this and therefore must be pure evil and we are made in his image and likeness so we are evil and allowing suffering to exist.

It also has been written in the bible that: “The root of all evil is the greed for money”, so its not money in it self but our greed for it, that what we all have in common what we have become in fact. If you don’t have money you want it and if you have money you want more of it. Money has become our real god, our love for money governs this world. And in this we exclude those who are suffering that are starving to death because we are too greedy to consider each being equally.

Arguing about whose responsible?

We accept and allow it so we all, each one individually are responsible.

Pointing fingers at others, blaming others doesn’t make sense and it will not move your self to establish change. If your room is a mess and you reason about whose to blame or responsible your not getting your room cleaned that’s common sense. You will not go argue about whose to blame if you want to have the room cleaned you will do it yourself.


Another justification to hide behind is that we believe that we can’t change anything by ourselves we are only human, we believe that one person can’t change anything, each one individually is responsible so each one individually must stand up and take self responsibility for their actions. Common sense.

Facing what is here!

We are hoping that one day it will be paradise on earth somewhere in a future without even willing ourselves to face what is here, denying it. We humans are not really capable of facing what is real in front of our eyes.

We numb ourselves down with entertainment; we reward those who entertain us with huge amounts of money and those who are teaching our children we reward with a minimum wage.

That shows us already how we prioritise our need to entertain ourselves above LIFE those who are new in this world and those that are yet to come. We don’t honour them; no we disregard the children by not doing everything possible for all children to have equal opportunity during the time that has been given to them on this earth.

Instead Numbness rules entertainment remaining inactive has become the disease. The good man remain inactive while millions suffer has become the real evil in this world.


Equality is the key to life, if you want a good life for your children and exclude the ones of your neighbour and the ones that are starving to death every 5 seconds, you don’t honour life but you honour your self interest, greed, comfort above all other things.

Equality is the key to a dignified life for all. Without equality we manifest a world as it is today.

Without equality we destroy life, we abuse life, we abuse innocent beings, children, animals, the water we drink, the air we breathe.

We are such fools.

Equal money from birth to death is a basic human right!

Equal money for all is a practical interim solution to establish change so all have an opportunity to a dignified life. Equal money is a basic human right simply because you are in this world, you are here.